NZ Esports and Ireland Esports Join Forces to Continue Nations Historic Sporting Relationship.

Auckland, New Zealand & Cork, Ireland – New Zealand Esports (NZE) and Ireland Esports (IE) have joined forces through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed on March 18th 2024. This historic agreement sets the stage for a collaborative future, emphasising international competition and cooperation between the two nations with a history of sporting rivalry.

This partnership aims to amplify the esports sectors of New Zealand and Ireland by sharing best practices, fostering research, and organising joint events. "We're thrilled to embark on this journey with Ireland Esports," said Jonathan Jansen, CEO of NZ Esports. "This partnership not only bridges our two nations through esports but also sets a foundation for substantial progress in the industry."

As part of the MoU signed by both nations, NZE and IE will facilitate a bilateral exchange of information and programs for players, coaches, and administrative staff, providing them with opportunities to learn and grow in diverse esports environments.

Speaking at the announcement, Chair of Ireland Esports Steve Daly said, ‘The need to support pathways for esports athletes to compete on the global stage continues to evolve. Strengthening international relationships and building a collaborative ethos with NZ Esports is a strategic and significant step forward’.

This initiative is expected to strengthen ties between the two countries and promote a spirit of mutual benefit and cultural exchange. The MoU outlines several cooperative activities, including joint research projects aimed at advancing the field of esports, particularly in audience engagement and technological innovation.

The collaboration between New Zealand and Ireland marks a significant step in international esports relations, setting a precedent for how countries can work together to improve the industry's standards and reach.

This strategic partnership reflects a shared commitment to excellence and innovation in esports, promising exciting developments for the global community of gamers and enthusiasts.

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